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Christmas Tree 2016

Operations during Christmas/New Year period

Clients are advised that we will be operating in a ‘Standby Only’ capacity throughout the Christmas/New Year period. This comes into effect as of Friday December 23rd. Our ‘Standby Only’ service is available to clients with an active...

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Does your small business backup its data? If not, consider this.

As a small business owner, you think that today is going to be like any other day. You come into the office and press the switch on your main PC – only to discover that today, it doesn’t want to boot up. Your initial reaction is a casual one,...

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The year of the machine is coming – at some stage…..

  • By Daniel Dovico
  • Opinion
  • August 25th, 2016

Who would’ve thought the day would come where Number 5 really is alive? You can’t help but think that when you read through the large number of articles about how there are machines out there capable of taking over many jobs currently done by...

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