Security Solutions

img_20150930_171449A holistic approach – IT and Physical Security

The constant threat of a cyber-attack requires a multi-layered approach to ICT security.
In addition, there is also the threat of a physical security breach.
No business can afford for either one of these breaches to occur.

We offer solutions that address both these challenges, including:

  • Network Security Appliances
  • Content Filtering, Centralised AntiVirus & Spam protection solutions
  • Data Backup solutions
  • CCTV and Access Control systems

img_20150930_171818Network Security for the modern day business

Many businesses are evolving beyond the traditional structure of having one head office combined with multiple branch offices.

Instead, an increasing number are now supporting multiple locations that operate like a typical small business, particularly within retail, hospitality, medical, and financial services sectors.

This arrangement can create unique network security challenges, even for the most seasoned ICT professional.

Computer Services & Technologies understands these challenges and that businesses want a consistent, simple, and rapid method of deployment of solutions capable of delivering enterprise-grade security, threat intelligence, and wireless technologies.

As a WatchGuard Silver Partner, we can provide solutions to address these challenges:

  • Securing communications between office locations
  • Policy consistency across all locations
  • Secure POS systems
  • Compliance
  • Secure Guest Wi-Fi access
  • Visibility of all network traffic across all locations

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Security Licenced

Computer Services & Technologies holds a NSW Master Security Licence* and employs a number of staff holding security licenses, so we can supply and provide technical specialist services for security equipment such as cameras and DVR’s.

* NSW Master Security Licence No. 000100729
# Nominated staff hold Class 2B and Class 2C security licences.