Cloud-Hosted VoIP

If you currently use an on-premise PBX system and pay maintenance for it, you will know that it can be very expensive.

Replacing it with a newer PBX can be even more expensive.

With cloud-hosted VoIP, it is possible to have a feature-rich solution hosted in the cloud – without the need for a costly on-premise solution.

Cloud-hosted VoIP uses an Internet link to provide a voice service (as opposed to traditional methods such as PSTN or ISDN links). Thanks to significant improvements in Internet connectivity and increased bandwidth speeds, cloud-hosted VoIP is now a viable communications option for business.

We partner with our preferred ISP to help deliver cloud-hosted VoIP solutions to clients. Customisation is also available for those who need more than just a “plain” service.

Give us a call to discuss your requirements and experience some of the features and call quality for yourself.

Cloud-Hosted VOIP Cloud-Hosted VOIP